Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Movie Review Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

With that out of the way Star Trek Beyond, for me, was a super cool movie. It was action packed, funny and with some outstanding special effects. I am so thankful to J.J for reigniting the series, and even though we now have a new director, it still had the wonderful light adventurous feel and look, (even the lens flares). It had some great scenes, some poignant and reflective, others just plain funny. Lots of in-jokes and a few pop culture references. I had to chuckle at the Comandeer Paris line since I am currently watching 'Voyager' in my spare time. And the scene with Spock and Dr McCoy on the planet has become my favourite Star Trek scene, EVER!!!

When I saw the first trailer somewhere in the beginning of this year, I didn't quite know what to expect. It was just action but it never revealed what the story line was gonna be. When I read that J.J. Abrams was not gonna be directing this one but Justin Lin, I was somewhat afraid the 3rd Star Trek was gonna be like Fast and Furious in space: "To boldly race where no one has raced before". I mean for a fast action movie without a real story line, Justin Lin is your man. But doing a Star Trek movie is playing ball on a much higher level. But how wrong was I. Last night I saw "Beyond" on premier night and it really blew my socks off. This 3rd part really exceeded all the expectations I had. 

This movie really is Star Trek worthy. Compared to the first movie (2009) all main characters have really matured. The have really grown in their parts. I'm not gonna name them all separately, they all gave a great performance. Idris Elba played Krall in the same way as Benedict Cumberbatch played Khan in "Into Darkness", very convincing. And Soufia Boutella as Jaylah? Let's just say she is a real kick ass alien. Simon Pegg and Doug Jung wrote a hell of a script with just the right balance between the action packed sequences and humour, even in the music, but there was also room for a few really nice tribute to the original Star Trek crew. What the story line is, I'm not gonna reveal, you'll really have to see for yourself. But I promise you that as a Star Trek fan, you won't be disappointed.

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

The Enterprise crew is back for more adventure. After a divisive follow-up that is "Into Darkness", I am proud to say that the third installment of the newly-formulated Kelvin timeline (the J. J. Abrams movies) is a worthy addition. Where the next trek goes brings the Enterprise to its knees, as they are attacked by a merciless leader named Krall (a menacing Idris Elba). And landed on a hostile planet, the crew must stop Krall from his evil deeds.

If you are a devoted follower to the saga, you may observe the repetitive pattern (wherein Enterprise gets attack by a baddie with resentment to the Federation and must stop his/her huge plans of mass destruction). "Beyond" applies the same pattern but to surprising effect. It can be lauded to Justin Lin's effort to lend his flair for blockbusters – as seen from his Fast & Furious movies – and apply them to the Star Trek universe without sacrificing its heart and soul. And that comes from the Enterprise crew on adventure mode, for this new "Star Trek" feels like a full-length TV episode. It proves that Simon Pegg knows Trek flair when he and his co-writer wrote this down.

Well, it can be attributed that this is a mandatory tribute for Star Trek's 50th year anniversary, but as a stand-alone feature, it is a whole lot of fun. As the visual spectacle has been consistent, the cast this time has more chemistry and screen time, with Chris Pine as Kirk striking solid, Zachary Quinto as Spock and Karl Urban and Dr. Bones as an effective duo, Anton Yelchin finally having time to shine, and newcomer Sofia Boutella in breakout mode after "Kingsman".

Yet, despite the fun, it cannot help but make this a bittersweet entry, as this is where the late great Leonard Nimoy was given a well- deserved salute, and this serves as Yelchin's posthumous performance. Fitting to this celebratory part of the franchise. While Trekkies and non- Trekkies may see this as a loss, it should not stop "Star Trek Beyond" from being an epic adventure that truly respects Gene Roddenberry's creation and gives it a breath of fresh air. This adventure boldly went where no man has gone before (even though it means repeating itself).

Star Trek Beyond (2016) 
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