Fan (2016) Movie Review

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fan (2016)

Fan (2016) Movie Review

So FAN isn't your typica run-of-the-mill, commercial potboiler (read: the last couple of SRK films)

It is absurd, psychic, weird, cryptic, and oh-so-darned-intriguing.

The concept is simple "The fans maketh the star", but the execution is complex and just so bamboozling.

There is a reason why Shah Rukh Khan is known for his intense roles. This film brings back the menacing Darr-Baazigar-Anjaam-esque SRK back and he is pure masterclass.

You may love him. You may hate him. But you can't help but admire the guy's acting ability.

The film drags a bit in the second-half, and sways away from reality for a sizeable amount of time, but you can still make do with it.

Aryan Khanna is the name of the narcissistic superstar in the film. But when you come out of the theatre, the immensely insane yet innocent Gaurav Chandana baffles your mind.

This film is not everyone's cup of tea. Some people might deliberately hate it, but hey, that is the persona of SRK. The most polarising actor ever.

Thank You Maneesh Sharma for bringing back "The Actor SRK" whom we desperately missed since My Name Is Khan. Kudos to the team for choosing something so risky and so brave.

Films like these are not made for Huge Box Office Collections, they are made for sheer uniqueness.

You may agree with me. You may disagree with me. All I would like to say is "Rehnede, Tu Nahi Samjhega".

SRK has made a big comeback to the Bolly arena after a series of masala entertainers from the last 4-5 years. One of the best Bollywood thrillers I've watched since the last 5-6 years. Amazing first half, a slight declination in the sub post-interval session, and a brilliant climax which will put you in an ambiguity at the end of the movie and you'll be thinking about it again and again. The plot could have been a slightly better settled though. But I don't think any other movie without any actress in it and devoid of any songs, will be able to keep you glued to your seat throughout the whole 2 and a half hours. Amazing stuff from the Direcor, Maneesh Sharma. You're fabulous! :) Whatever it is, SRK is into one of his best avatars and he shows the world as to why is he called as the "Biggest movie star in the world". Take a bow! Salutes! :) Worth all your money! Go grab your tickets, and watch Fan. :)
Fan (2016) Movie Review

One of the best Bollywood i have seen!!

To be honest i am not a bollywood fan by any means. I mean i cannot handle all those songs, and fighting scenes with the mushy gushy love things that never seem to happen in real life. Today was actually the first time that i went to watch a movie in a theatre for a bollywood movie. I will say that i did watch bollywood movies before (on DVD), but most of them were beyond my thinking. For example Prem Ratan Dhan Payo - which was the worst movie till date, oh i almost forgot Dilwale. So it was a great experience to see Bollywood establish itself this year by directing and producing movies that are different and that doesn't follow commercial success. 

I did not know who Shah Rukh Khan was, i mean here in Canada the only people we know is our sports stars or Hollywood superstars. Never really cared about Bollywood, but this movie opened my eyes. Doing some research i figured out that Shah Rukh Khan is the biggest star in the world and i was hell shocked. I guess he really deserves that because his acting is superb. 

A good actor is a person that brings out the emotions and he just did that. If his duplicate would cry, i would cry. If he was happy, i felt happy. I really want to applaud him on that.

The story too me was 8/10, other 2 was for his acting. The first half is very engaging and touching. A person does not want to leave to the bathroom because they didn't want to miss anything. Second half was OK, some unreal stuff happen but i can live with that because who knows, maybe this events could happen. It kind of is inspired from that baseball fan movie thing. I would know i love the San Fransisco Giants.

Its a great one time watch, everyone should go and just try something new. I am not too sure why people are giving this a 1 star because i know to me on a person bases this is the BEST bollywood movie i have ever seen

Title: Fan (2016)
Fan (2016) on IMDb 8/10 

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