The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Movie Review

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) 

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Movie Review

Angry birds is a must see ! This movie will solve all your anger issues

I loved the movie . I have never played the game . The story line was fast page and engaging . The animation was excellent . This is a kids movie , however it reaches out To all ages . I saw 3 year old kids and Grandparents in the audience laughing at the same jokes . Even thou it was based on app that had billion downloads The story stands on it own . It has important lessons through out . However nothing that was over the top . Reds character certainly Teaches us lessons On anger , what happens when we loose control, Why it's import to mange our anger . Of course you will see yourself in one The characters , I have decided I am chuck and sometimes bomb. Enjoy ;)

The Angry Birds Movie is funny, colorful and brisk movie. Somebody has said, that movie is three years late, but I don't think so. It brings nostalgic feeling back from games and make them desirable again. Story line is simple, but it meanders nicely. Movie is full with funny wordplay, even so much, that it is sometimes almost hard to follow all of them and this is promising for the movie. You want to see it again to find all those puns. Movies scenery is beautiful and colorful and all the action will satisfy younger audience. Funny wordplay confidently satisfy more adult audience. Familiar pop songs brings some nice nostalgic feeling for movie. The story could be bit little more profound, but to me movie is basic entertainment and nicely airy. There are many references to other movie and that satisfy movie goers like me. Animation is beautiful and colorful. 3D brings nice depth to scenery and works nicely enough to counsel to see it in 3D.

In Finland we have also dubbed version of the movie, but that didn't persuade me to test. Maybe when BluRay version comes out I can try how they have dubbed those wordplay. The story is underlay quite long, but when they finally get's to action it feels familiarity with Angry Birds games. Rarely comes out a good movie out of game, but The Angry Birds Movie turns nicely to a movie. It is shameless entertaining, but it almost make me start to play all those old games again. Good family entertainment.

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Movie Review

Another Review

Angry Birds is a video game franchise created by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment, It was first released in December 2009. By July 2015, the series' various games in all its different formats have been downloaded over three billion times the world over. It was not a big wonder that a film would eventually be made from the characters of this game.

Practically everyone has seen at least the original game with the five birds: main bird Red, yellow bird Chuck, black bird Bomb, white bird Matilda, and triple Blues. Many should be familiar with the maddening physics-laced puzzle game play of launching these angry birds to hit the green pigs hiding under various structures. Not too good with analyzing projectile motion, I admit I was not so patient with this game.

The film's storyline tells of Red as a miserable hotheaded outcast with poor people skills. A violent altercation with another bird caused him to be sentenced to attend Anger Management classes under Matilda. There, he met Chuck and Bomb, as well as quiet giant maroon bird named Terence. One day, a ship of green pigs landed on the birds' island. While the other birds welcomed their unusual guests, Red remained suspicious that the Pigs were up to no good. Unfortunately, Red's worst fears were soon confirmed, and birds have to go beyond themselves to get their precious treasures back.

The film as a whole was better than what the trailer showed. For the most part, the storytelling was very entertaining. The best part of the film was the climactic battle where we saw the birds in action with the giant slingshot, but it was too short, I felt. It was too bad we only saw the green boomerang toucan bird Hal, the tiny orange bird Bubbles and the cute pink bird Stella all too briefly. On the other hand, an inordinately long, occasionally awkward, time was spent with the iconic Mighty Eagle.

The voices come from some of the most popular comedians working in Hollywood today. Jason Sudeikis was Red. Danny McBride was Bomb. Maya Rudolph was Matilda. Bill Hader was Leonard. Josh Gad, whom we last heard as Olaf in "Frozen," was Chuck, a hyperactive voice performance I really enjoyed. Peter Dinklage did so well in his ironic casting the Mighty Eagle. It is very surprising that the first time I have seen Sean Penn's name in a film again was as Terence. Fans of the Youtube channel Smosh will be delighted that Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla have cameos here as the voices of Bubbles and Hal respectively.

The comedy was rather weird to describe. The jokes can really be juvenile, shallow and silly, but there were also quite a number of adult humor (some even creepy or uncomfortable references). I liked the obvious parody of the "Time in a Bottle" scene from "X-Men Days of Future Past" or that Grady twins reference from "The Shining." I liked the cheery and cheesy retro pop songs in the soundtrack, from "Never Gonna Give You Up" to "I Will Survive", to accompany the most unexpected scenes. 

I had fun watching it for sure, but I cannot say I completely liked this film. It was really had to put a finger on what exactly the film lacked, but my kids and I all felt it while watching. Looking back now, I think it may have been this odd sense of humor, which felt forced and flat at times. Anyhow, the small kids in the theater were giggling and laughing so much at the cute green pigs and wide- eyed hatchlings, I enjoyed hearing their delighted reactions. I guess then that the film did hit their target and that is most important. 6/10.

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