Andron (2015) Movie Reviews

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Andron (2015) Movie Reviews

Andron (2015) Movie Reviews

Remember those days of your life when you were depressed and just saw everything blurred, gray and lifeless. Like world and life had no colors.. or at least no happy, joyful and light colors. I felt similarly watching this movie right from begin till end. I have no intention to disgrace director of this movie, I am just sincerely writing about my experience watching this film. Movie started lifelessly, continued lifelessly and ended so. Acting was similar, like they all actors suffered from deep depression and under influence of some heavy medicine which made their perception and mind just dark and heavy. I also felt during movie like I cannot breath deeply at all and had just limited amount of air before I died -I felt like being in suffocating room with no air or stucked in some pipe and couldn't really move much ! I remember my gut feeling telling me before watching movie that it sucks and that only my time and energy will be wasted. It was true, that subtle gut feeling. I also remember wanting to watch Spider- man from 2002 by Sam Raimi. I regretted for not listening my guidance ! Or I should have done something more useful for me or others.! It was truly torture to watch this and I love movies. Why would someone made movie where you feel just worse and worse as watching the movie ?? This movie could parents use as effective means for punishing the naughty children ! Or state could punish criminals by forcing them to watch this movie 3 times per day. That would be more than enough !

With a quick glance at the cast list, immediately its obvious the film is going to fail. The name Alec Baldwin jumps out and makes me quench at the thought of watching. I've yet to see a film with Alec Baldwin that has not failed when there was not a stronger cast to compensate for Alec Baldwins poor acting ability.

I thought I would give the movie a watch anyway, give it the benefit of the doubt as I'm not as familiar with the other cast members film history. And surely my expectations were met. While the majority of the cast had acting ability far surpassing Alec Baldwins, it was not enough to bring this movie out of the landfill.

While I'm often a fan of most "Utopia" "One World" Dystopian films, this one fell short. Nothing original about this film made it stand out from the many films in its category. And it certainly falls in last place.

Another film that could have been good if the cast was better thought out. The cast makes the film. If you can't believe the emotions; fear, anger, lust, etc of the person you are watching its ruins the whole experience.

This is one a a few movies coming out along the "virtual gamer" perspective like "The Call Up" and "Hardcore Henry" with exception that Hardcore is first person view. Reminds me a bit of "THX1138" by Lucas where the future is "controlled" and the humans are underground. This one could have been done much better, but its not awful bad. no gratuitous sex or needless cursing throughout which at the least makes it enjoyable to watch with others less sensitive to that kind of thing. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the flick for what it is. I give it a five for "idea" with potential to create more different versions and or sequels.

I hope that more "Labyrinth" style movies come out. Would be cool to see a movie dedicated to the old "Texas Instruments Tunnels Of Doom" game only upgraded to fine CGI and a 10 level shifting dungeon like Escher would create with upgraded monsters along the same plot of saving the king and the orb and getting back out alive within the time limit...Hint Hint. It is too bad that the newer directors these days just cant seem to get it "right". Where are all the good writers??

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