Movie Reviews : Gods of Egypt (2016)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gods of Egypt (2016)

Movie Reviews : Gods of Egypt (2016)

 it's a fantasy/action entertainer!

Yes, yes, the actors playing Gods of Egypt are white! Guess what, they're not speaking Coptic either! Gasp! (yes, I had to google what the closest live language to ancient Egyptian was >_<).

I do believe it is understood that this story is an adaptation of ancient Egyptian beliefs and characters (gods and goddesses, afterlife, etc). So yes, they pick and choose what parts they want in a (very) westernized tale... 

And I did think that they did a good job. For the ancient Egyptians, the gods did walk amongst the living. The king was supposed to be the living embodiment of the god Horus. So the storyline is not really that far-fetched. 

As for the acting, most of the cast is pretty good. Horus was a slight let down. It's as if they wanted Aaron Eckhart, but had to make do with this guy. (Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart are in London Has Fallen). And the girl playing Zaya. I guess that was her character? to be "sweet" and steadfast in loyalty, both to her husband and to her God. Still, every time she came on screen, I thought the ancient Egyptians had great push-up technology. Seth and Hathor were great (Gerard Butler and Elodie Yung). Geoffrey Rush does justice to his role (as always). Brenton Thwaite (the mortal/the thief) wasn't so bad either.

It's a sweet story overall. And entertaining! Lovely CGI on top of it. I enjoyed it :). I wouldn't recommend it to scholars of ancient Egypt. But even they would appreciate the nod to mythological characters in this fiction piece :D.

Disclaimer: I left pretty much the exact same review on rottentomatoes. I don't normally leave reviews, but this movie is getting a bad rep, and unfairly! It happens to be one of the better movies out there right now.

Absolutely Beautiful, lovely women, epic fantasy...don't miss it

The visual effects alone are way worth the cost of admission. They blew me away. I went to the 3d version and I HIGHLY recommend you do the same, it is fantastic. The girls were knockouts too, Helen of Troy would turn green with envy if she had to stand next to Zaya...whoa!!! What can I say, forget about Lenin's useful morons and their thought police whining about the cast. Nobody freaking cares, besides real Egyptians have way more to worry about lately than getting their movie careers off the ground. 

The plot takes a bit of a back seat to the incredible effects and visual treats but its pretty decent. At least the characters aren't running around chasing some idiot ring that only destroys them...This actually is a film about mythology with plenty of dazzling action and the good old tried and true absolute evil vs the power of love. In a weird kind of way it reminded me a bit of The Risen (another great film by the way) There are similar themes woven through both movies surprisingly.

The movie is rated low here cause Bernie's politically correct wanna be tyrants come on here in hordes and slam films that don't have a communist slant. Ignore that bs and go see this amazing cinematic miracle.
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