Kill Command (2016) Movie Reviews

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Kill Command (2016) Movie Reviews : Fantastic CGI For A Small Budget Movie

Kill Command (2016) Movie Reviews

Rich animation caries the sci-fi through the slumbering pace

"Kill Command" resembles another glossy movie from last decade; "Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within" in both positive and negative ways. Story follows a female specialist and a group of soldiers as they are trying to figure out the secretive nature of their enemy, in this case a horde of combat machine. The movie looks good even though the narrative might feel stale as it progresses sluggishly.

Its most valuable asset is certainly its graphic, the effects are riveting and it brings out the sci-fi aspect really well. Camera angles are done to accommodate the sequences between humans and machines, even if there's slight editing twitch, the graphic is a solid feature. Cinematography and color tone work fine to present a secluded setting, both the contrasting outdoor nature and futuristic hallways or rooms. Audience would clearly see the near-future vibe it aims for.

Unfortunately, story moves in sloppy march. It has a good mystery aspect, but nearly everything is repetitive in motion. It doesn't give clear characterization either beyond the gifted girl wanting to understand the situation while the soldiers just want to survive and get the mission done. Acting is presentable only to that effect. It seems that it could fit more, or tidy up some scenes to shorten the length in favor of more content.

As a sci-fi "Kill Command" delivers a fine visual despite its by-the-number narrative. It's enough to separate itself from the horde and a decent foundation for a thriller.

Kill Command (2016) Movie Reviews

When low budget sci-fi's are done right

Kill Command is a solid movie, there's no doubt about it. I'm a big sci-fi fan and I've watched many, many low budget sci-fi productions. Kill Command is by far, the best one yet. Putting aside the awful script, the movie looks very professional and the acting, although a bit stiff in places, is decent. Considering the modest budget of 1 million, the special effects are fantastic. The robot designs are nice and detailed and the battle scenes are made very well. The sound effects and the music are top notch. Unfortunately, as I've stated above, the script is bad. Although all of the scenes are shot with taste, the lines that the actors must deliver are terrible. Some of the scenes feel incredibly artificial because of the bad script. There is a constant tension throughout the movie which will keep you interested but it leads to a weak culmination. All in all, I feel there's a lot of wasted potential when it comes to the script but despite that, the movie is enjoyable - 6.5/10.

Kill Command (2016) Movie Reviews
Could have been a classic

I am just tired of how often script writers fail to justify actions of their characters. I would have liked the protagonists to show at least some semblance of intelligence especially considering the positions they held and the dire situations they were in. The acting, camera-work and production value make up for the deficiencies to some extent but not enough to absolve them. This is a one time watch. The squad leader is dumb and the techie acts like she's artificial intelligence herself. Other then the dumb characters and a predictable plot, the movie is paced beautifully with enough shifts and dynamism to keep you watching. However, it might not be as memorable an experience as it could've been.

did not expect that!

you know the feeling when you tired and have nothing to do and already watched all the recent movies up there so you pick any not-very- promising film to be as a visual background to relax with? and suddenly you face the reality that it turned to be a very entertaining picture to watch! i expected to watch a low budget-shitty effects movie with a bad story and line. instead i watched a really great effects. the line was not random and the actors were good. you wont expect to get a SHASHANK REDEMPTION story in an action film,yet the story was good very nicely done guys, it was a great job. P.S. if it was an eighties-film it would have won an Oscar of special effects hehehe , yet we are not in the 80s!

I really like this film as it is extremely well done. The VFX will stand up against any similar sci-fi movie. The film did not waste any time getting to the plot, so nor shall I. Some time in the not too distant future, the proverbial Evil Corp has sensed something is amiss and has sent it's mysterious, digitally augmented female scientist and a few marines to a training island to see what's happening. 

After a few minutes in the forest, we sense that the augmented scientist knows more then she is letting on. At this point if you call yourself a sci-fi fan, you will already suspect what is going to happen upon entering the dense forest. Like my girlfriend & I, you will probably start laying on bets regarding who will survive. However this predicable feeling does not detract you from watching the film. The characters are likable, after a ten minutes or so on the island, you start to feel for the actors as they begin to open up to the camera. There is the usual bunch: the mean guy, the nice guy, the cold robot like girl, the cowardly guy, the big muscle guy who says five words and there are the cannon fodder guys (all the best sci-fi movies rely this team format).

The script is no Oscar winner, but imagine if they only had a million dollars to make Predator and there was no Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now imagine the same for Aliens, add a few really talented VFX guys, some really great concept art people, a half decent script and this is probably the movie you would have got. 

Yes! You know the story, you have seen the character archetypes before and you think you know how it will end. However you can always tell a well done film because you know all this and you are still want to watch until the very last scene. This is how I felt, so I gave it a 8/10. 

7.4/10 would probably be more accurate, however I think they deserved the rounded up score, rather then the round down.

PS: The person who I was certain would live, ended up dying. So I guess I can still be surprised every now and then. Enjoy

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