The Secret Life of Pets (2016) Movie Review

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Movie Review

Family animation with a traditional feel

The Secret Life of Pets is a very family friendly, warm and fun movie. It has less of the tiresome pop-culture gags in it than some other animated releases, keeping the humour within more traditional themes as say an older Disney movie might do which renders it very suitable for anyone of any age.

The story follows a group of downtown New York city pets, two of whom run into some trouble during their routine "walkies". There's not much more to it than this, aside from the micro plots in each quick-fire set piece and the introduction of (perhaps a few too many) other animals but it is for kids and it does well to keep their attention for the ninety-odd minutes.

It features great vocal performances and nice (if unadventurous) animation. You won't see anything groundbreaking in this movie and it is unlikely to be one that's talked about much as time goes on, as it is weaker than the likes of How to Train Your Dragon or The Incredibles but if you're looking for a child friendly trip to the movies, this is arguably a good choice.

I'm not a huge animation fan (if you take a look at my other reviews) but I did not feel hard done by after seeing this one.

The studios best film since Despicable Me

With the animation genre in such a golden age, more and more studios are starting to drop their name into the mix.

The latest one is Illumination Entertainment. After starting really well with Despicable Me, it has seemed to have made OK flicks such as Hop, The Lorax, Despicable Me 2 and Minions.

Now we have what many people are hyping as their best feature since Despicable Me, in the form The Secret Life Of Pets. The marketing has been pretty good and trailer suggests a good time at the cinema.

For me, I was pretty satisfied with what I saw. The first third of the film was its strongest part. It was introducing the characters well, there were some solid laughs and they were setting up the story nicely. However the longer the film went on, the slightly sillier it was getting. It was starting to lose its feet, and the gags were getting a bit too much. Thankfully, it was not that bad at all on the whole. It was still moving a long nicely, the characters were being solidly developed and the story rounded off pretty well. I think it might have peaked too soon and everything else felt inferior.

The voice performances were good. Jenny Slate continues to do well in her voice work and I felt she gave the strongest performance. Kevin Hart played his character really well, and had some nice laughs. Louis C.K. was well cast as the lead and gave us a character you could root for. The rest did their job well. They were not good enough to be memorable, but not bad enough to be negatively criticised.

On the technical side, the animation looked really nice and fitted the tone well. The action was entertaining if not a bit over the top at times. The character designs were strong, and I can see them being sold well as merchandise.

Overall, some of it felt disappointing. But on the whole I had a fairly good time watching this. It is definitely the studio's best film since Despicable Me. But with so many other animation studios delivering much stronger films at the moment, this could be forgotten sooner than you think. This might not do as well in the box office as originally expected. Especially a new Pixar film on the way.

There is also a short before the main film, and it features the studios most famous characters. It was o.k. But nowhere near as strong as Pixar's shorts.

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