Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Movie Review

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Movie Review

Independence Day: Resurgence

Just as you would expect

It definitely wasn't as good as the original and had typical sequel problems, cliché and ridiculous moments... but it wasn't that bad. I still found it pretty enjoyable, it was definitely fun.

The one bad thing that really stood out to me was that some of the really intense, climax moments were really rushed. When the old president is in the ship and blows himself up, that should've been a really intense, suspenseful shot, you know where the music stops playing for like a second and then there's a really accomplished, relieved feel when the thing blows up and you think it's done. But the whole moment was really rushed, there was no suspense and not as much as a sense of payoff. Same thing with the very end, where the scientist says "we're gonna kick some alien ass!" It didn't build up all that well, it was just bam line and it ends. It wasn't God-awful but it felt a little weird.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Movie was trash. Roland Emmerich had two decades to come up with a good sequel and he pissed it away. This is down there with the Transformer movies in terms of his intelligence level regarding dialogue. I thought Will Smith was retarded for passing up on this one but man he was smart for denying this dumpster fire.
The acting was puke-worthy at best but that's what happens when you have too many goddamn characters. You could easily have cut 1/3rd of the cast out. None of them were likable and their acting was so dry.

Liam Hemsworth saving the moon base was so rushed, cliche, and uninteresting.
You shoot an alien orb and you choose to celebrate first, then investigate the wreckage? How violently stupid is that logic? Earth deserves to be wiped out.
Why did we need to see Brent Spiner's butt crack?
What was the point of that warlord's retarded sidekick bureaucrat turned soldier?
David and Julius just bump into each other in the middle of a desert? Sure whatever.
How is it that an alien queen can't hit a school bus in the middle of an open desert?
So the alien ship up and leaves after the queen dies? No one else can take charge and finish the job with a minute left until its drill reaches the core? Bullshit.
The dumb love story between that guy and that Chinese pilot was cringe worthy.
The alien orb was far more interesting than anything else but was given a marginal amount of time. Its story should have had more time.
Roland Emmerich is retarded. I hope this movie bombs. 1/10.

Independence Day: ResurgenceA short and far from complete list:
  • They didn't want to hire Will Smith (I can't say I blame them) so they point that out in the first scene.
  • Data has been in a coma since the last movie because reasons. Also he is gay now because reasons. Neither of these things do anything for the plot.
  • Grumpy Jewish Guy saves a bus full of kids because plot armor. There were people dying left and right, but he is Judd Hirsch. A bus in the middle of the desert is apparently hard to target.
  • Bill Pullman makes a miraculous recovery from whatever was wrong with him so he can kill himself. His daughter got to help, then she forgot about it 30 seconds later so she could hang out with some guy that looks like he belongs in a boy band.
  • The African warlord is a good guy at heart. Forget about everything else because he knows how to use a sword. He also has one vital piece of information - kill them from behind. Which he disregards the first time he kills an alien on screen.
  • There is a 3000 mile wide ship drilling into the center of the Earth. Somehow it is linked to the queen that is hanging out on Earth because reasons. If she dies the ship stops drilling because reasons. She dies. The drilling stops. Problem solved apparently.
  • That 3000 mile wide ship? Everyone just kind of forgot about it after the queen was dead. There were a few seconds showing it fly away but no explanation. Queen is dead, time for the ship to go away.
  • And oh yeah, now we have a magic alien sphere so we can have a sequel.
This movie is so bad that even Michael Bay can laugh at the people involved. Which really bothers me since I was hoping the new Stargate movie wouldn't suck.

The movie was just bad.
Plot wise it diverges significantly from the first movie. The original aliens wanted to exterminate humanity and conquer the earth to gain all its resources. They were defeated with a concerted effort of all of humanity once the alien's shields went down and their superwoman's weakness revealed.
The second movie re-brands the telepathic aliens as drones of a queen (copying how many movies in the process?), kill the queen and everything dies. Really? Cliche city. (Battle Los Angeles, Ender's game, Avengers 1, I Robot, Terminator Genesis, etc). Twenty years to develop a good story and this is what they produce?
Now the Aliens only have one ship, and it is even bigger (3,000 miles across) and instead of harvesting materials from the surface of Earth they want to harvest the molten core of the Earth; presumably for precious metals? Why harvest these from habitable worlds when there are literally hundreds of billions of non-habitable planets with active molten cores. Not to mention the fact that asteroid belts around planets would hold trillions of tonnes of these metals, all mineable without the great expense of war.

Independence Day: Resurgence


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