Jurassic World Movie Reviews

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jurassic World Movie Reviews

Jurassic World Movie Reviews

Graceful, popcorn filled thrilling and tense, taught and energetic. This trilogy gets much better as it goes on.

 Jurassic World was a really fun movie even though it was one gigantic cliche mess. But I just can't denied the fact this movie lacked of interesting direction when creating the suspense everytime the dinosaur appeared. JP has the T-Rex break-out and velociraptor's kitchen scene that left uneasy feeling, the build-up and the suspense were fantastic.

And then, TLW with caravan and camp attack. Sure that movie full a lot of nonsense and plot holes but the same as Jurassic Park, there's a really good buildup and suspense to this scene.
And finally the most hateful of this franchise, Jurassic Park III. The plane takeoff scene in the island was pretty tense, and when Grant said that it wasn't T-Rex but bigger gave more suspense to it. And of course, the bird cage scene. The atmosphere that building up to it were fantastic.

Jurassic World tried to recreate scene like this but ultimately fail. The I-Rex breakout was stupid and nonsense. it fooled them to make them thinking it's out of cage? that was cliche as fuck. And there are a lot of stupid decision involving to this scene. When the I-Rex breakout, there's just no sense of menace or suspense around it. For example this scene, the suspense was ruined by their shitty acting. It was entertaining to watch but I just don't feel the experience like the original three had. It's more like an excitement rather than suspenseful.

I think part of it too, not to state the obvious, is that Spielberg, in my opinion, is an extremely creative director when it comes to making set pieces and action/suspense scenes. To use examples from his other films, War of the Worlds has the basement scene that is really reminiscent of the raptors in the kitchen scene, and minority report has the spiders in the apartment scene.

There are countless other examples, but the man just knows how to put you at the edge of your seat when he wants to.

Part of what makes Jurassic World unexciting, apart from the bland-to-bad writing, is that the actors never sell the danger. The clip link you provided is the perfect example of this. The older brother hardly reacts to a prehistoric behemoth that's clawing its way into the sphere to rip them both to shreds. And they're completely helpless as far as they know.
 But nope, the older brother doesn't seem too phased by it. Compare this to Lex (and Tim) in the original, during and after the T-rex attack. They're both freaking the fuck out, screaming bloody murder, and Lex is still shaken up and damn-near losing it in the aftermath. But the kids in this movie laugh that shit off like it was a roller coaster ride. And somehow the director thought "Yep, that's good."

And I know Chris Pratt is supposed to be a badass in this movie but even he doesn't seem like he's reacting much to the situations he gets into. It doesn't help that his character is already a complete charisma vacuum, which seems difficult to do for someone like Chris Pratt, but they made it happen. Everyone is just so damn blank-faced during all of his horrific action and it really undercuts the sense of danger. The only people that actually give realistic performances are the fucking extras during the flying dinos scene and the throwaway "assistant" character that gets a disproportionately brutal death compared to any of the other characters that bite it in this movie. As bad as JP3 was, at least the actors felt like they were going through some shit.

I'm still trying to figure out if it was a badly made metaphore for the overuse of CGI to wow audiences because all I could think of when they talked about trying to add new attractions and do the whole mutated dino thing just made me feel that way.

Obviously I might be reading way too much into this, as there are a few scenes which don't actually need to be in the film. Like the tram ride in the middle of the movie where the kids talk about the parents getting a devoice that plays no other part in their arch through the film.

Also really anything to do with the human characters when they are interacting with the other humans. When you got them doing stuff with the raptors and all that I liked that... That part where they realize the dino has like raptor DNA in it and shit gets real that actually got me. I loved that scene and the entire climax is just one huge over the top cheese fest that has no right to exist but here it is and I love it and I don't care how weird and out of place it might be. You will believe a T-rex and a Raptor team up in the most bad ass way possible.

But then you got the characters like the woman who wants to be successful at her job having others saying that's a no no. That kind of felt really weird. Even more so with 2015 with Mad Max fury road and star wars. I mean it would of been fine if it was more a 'don't let your job consume you' kind of message but no...

In the end... The movie should of just ended with Blue and what's-his-face on a boat going on an adventure. The greatest sequel bait ever made.
But no serious the actual baiting is weak and shouldn't of been there.
Also I realize this is really just a general ramble about the whole film, but eh... its been on my mind. Want to get it out somewhere.

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