Ride Along 2 (2016) Movie Review

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ride Along 2 (2016) Movie Reviews

Ride Along 2 (2016) Movie Review

Misfires, even with low audience expectations
Some comedians just have the innate ability to make you laugh, and I feel like he has that indescribable ability. My expectations were for low, like for every comedy sequel and I wanted to like this movie. But...

The audience expectations for a comedy sequel are so low it should be relatively straightforward for the screenwriter and director to satisfy us. The situation is perfectly setup for a studio / audience win win. Give us recycled jokes in a new setting, we laugh through a forgettable movie and studio makes bank. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Ride Along 2 falls prey to the usual sequel pitfalls and doesn't even give Kevin Hart room to maneuver.

The best parallel to a recent movie I can think of is The Hangover Part II. Part I was so funny, everyone was going to give Part II a watch, hoping it would top the first installment. Instead you got the sequel trap - recycled jokes (still can be funny), but the bigger budget distracted the director.

That encapsulates Ride Along 2. Unfortunately, the bigger budget means less time for Kevin Hart to be funny and more action scenes, which no one really cares about. Watching the movie, I felt like I had to impatiently wait during the usual foot chase / car chase / shootout scenes to get rewarded with a Kevin Hart joke.

We did not pay money to watch ice cube shoot at bad guys. We wanted to laugh at Kevin Hart. It is so frustrating because the formula for success is so easy to execute. Show us the beginning or ending of action scenes and give Kevin more time to play off the stone faced ice cube. Ice cube doesn't even need to act to play the straight cop, anyone could do it. But instead we get way too long action scenes, romantic ice cube subplot (which is so unrealistic it actually distracts the viewer and takes away from the movie) and less laughs.

If you are on a plane or want to put on a movie as you fall asleep, Ride Along 2 is the play. Don't waste time and money in the actual theater for this one.

Other Review

They both are getting closer professionally as well as family.

When I liked the first movie, I wanted a sequel and now they made one for it that I liked even better than the original. I don't think Ice Cube's solo performance could have pulled the crowd in, the impact was because of the Kevin Hart's presence, he really rocks. He's doing some awesome movies lately, and he's the best sidekick and comedian available for now in Hollywood, just like Simon Pegg in England.

Once again a movie is totally underrated, especially by foul mouthed film critics. Trust me, this film is much better than what they say. If you liked the first, you'll surely going to enjoy it as well. I'm confident the rating will recover in the later days once the regular people rent it. A simple follow-up story, but it was the comedy that lifted this film. The two cops soon-to-be bros-in-law goes to Miami on a job, but the case they're working connects with others, so they join the local force to take down the gang behind it.

Who needs a spoof film for it, the movie mocks its own characters by saying 'a low budget Jackie Chan' for Keng Jeong. Apart from the comedies, the action sequences were very impressive. Olivia Munn was a great addition and I believe she would hangouts here for the next. Yep, I want the third movie and I'm hoping it to be even more stylish kick-ass action-comedy. So just retain the director and writers, after the first two films, I got high hope on them.

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