The 5th Wave (2016) Movie Reviews

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The 5th Wave (2016) Movie Reviews

The 5th Wave (2016) Movie Reviews

Just watched the 5th Wave and really enjoyed it! Its a good film with a similar concept to the Hunger Games and Divergent. I wanted to write a review because the film received low ratings on IMDb. Trust me when I say I've seen bad movies, but this certainly isn't one of them! It's action packed and keeps the viewer intrigued. I really hope they make a sequel because I'm curious to see what happens to the three main characters Cassie, Ben, and Evan. The film is based on the books so maybe I'll have to read them to hold me over! In the meantime, I would definitely recommend this for movie night. Plus who doesn't like an end of the world survival movie?!

Another over-analyzed movie

Seeing all the 1 star reviews it just makes me wonder if people even go to the movie theater to have fun any more. Apparently watching a movie these days is about analyzing every little detail that is wrong with a movie and comparing it to masterpieces you can't compare it with. 

I see people comparing it to District 9 which is a completely different movie and just because there is a "love element involved" doesn't mean the movie instantly sucked. The relationship development between some of the characters is obvious but in no way annoying or overdone.

No, I'm not a professional critic but seeing the troll ratings/reviews lately on IMDb is making me wonder if I should even take it seriously anymore. No this movie is not a masterpiece but seeing some people rate this lower than movies like "Sharknado" or "Troll 2" just makes me wonder if they actually went and see the movie and not just jumping on some sort of hate bandwagon. Giving it a 10 to even out the troll score, actual rating would be a 6,8.

Very Accurate( Book-Wise)

I always get angry when directors ruin perfectly good books( Don't get me started on the romance in The Giver), but this one was pretty much on point with every detail. They say that the romance is too sappy, but if you actually read the book, the author does a good job removing what would otherwise be a Twilight romance story. The author did a great job, and I think the director did a great job adapting it. I personally only liked Cassie's acting( the others were at least better than the boy from the Jungle Book), and I think that they kept in a good amount of detail( although they left out some details and changed some things, and that added a few plot holes.) In all, I think it was a good movie, and you truly should read the book before you say anything about the film. It always helps to know what you're talking about.

Great Movie

This is a masterpiece. The best Movie I felt am in it. Intriguing, Enticing and a master idea of its own. Great work for the makers. The cast was excellent. The start was fantastic, bringing out the Ideal invasion. Graphics were superb and truly this is a great movie of all time. It will be a great offer if the production brings out part 2 of the film. Let be like the Fast and Furious series movie. This was the best of 2016 movies. Theme are fulfilled, and the definition of the 5th wave has apparently come out. You won a fan base out of me. Every minute is intriguing; every second is captivating to your mind. The suspense was played well. I like the choice of the scene.

I Greatly enjoyed this movie.

I went into the movie, having just gotten not so good news, but I left rather happy with what I saw. It is a very good movie, the preview to the movie was not at all making it seem like what it was. In my opinion this was better to the Hunger Games last two movies, I was enjoying the movie, and I didn't fall asleep half way through the movie like I did with both of the last Hunger Game movies. That serious got boring after the second one, I really hope to see the second book become a movie. I know the movie is going into a genre that's got too many movies in it at this point, but this one actually had me feeling like it could actually happen. 

So far, this one and the Divergent series movies have been the main YA movies that truly get my attention. And at this point the Maze Runner Series seems to be all about the actor not the movie, when a selling point is that the main guy is hot, then is it really a good movie or just good to the people who think the actor is hot? 

I will recommend for people to see this movie, cause I think it deserves better then what it's getting. Amazing movie.

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